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Kiro Massage & Chiropractic Treatment Table by EquiPro

  • $2,599.00

Whether you’re looking for a massage therapy table or a chiropractic treatment table, the Kiro is a smart investment in your practice. Estheticians love its versatility and adjustable range, while clients love the 3-cushion design that makes this one of the comfiest chiropractic adjusting tables on the market. Unlike other chiropractic electronic tables that barely move, the Kiro lets you adjust the headrest, height, mid-lift, footrests, and more. Give your practice a huge upgrade by ordering the Kiro Chiropractic Treatment Table today!

Features & Specifications

  • One year warranty
  • Crescent-shaped headrest and armrest are included and fully adjustable
  • Footrest adjusts manually
  • 3 luxe cushions provide unparalleled comfort
  • Weight: 233 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28” (W) x 72” (L) x 20”/39” (H)
  • SKU: EI-505

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