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Facial Treatment Bed & Massage Table (w/ Towel Holder & Metal Frame)

  • $389.00

A professional metal-framed facial treatment bed and massage table should be a quality piece of equipment that stays in place and can handle a good amount of weight. This metal massage table checks those boxes and more, featuring a widely adjustable back rest, a removable pillow, and several other customizable options that help both client and practitioner feel their best. Our white reclining metal massage table is upholstered with high-quality vinyl that will shine even after hundreds of treatments. 


  • Rock-solid metal frame can withstand even heavy loads
  • Back rest is adjustable
  • Featuring a removable pillow
  • Integrated facial hole for face-down treatments
  • Towel holder underneath carriage


  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Back rest can be adjusted from zero to sixty degrees
  • A 500lb capacity can handle just about any client


  • SKU46138
  • Weight: 120lbs
  • Bearing Pressure: 500lbs 
  • Height: 29 inches
  • Length: 72 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Thickness of Cushion: 3 1/2 inches
  • Type: Metal massage table

Warranty Information:

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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