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Infrared 140 Degree Therapy Blanket

  • $539.00
  • Save $110

Has your salon or spa begun offering infrared blanket therapy yet? If not, you’re missing a huge value-added opportunity at your facility! Therapists love offering infrared blanket treatment toward the beginning of an appointment, for several reasons. In addition to detoxifying, reducing inflammation, and relieving generalized stress and tension, after some time in the blanket your client’s muscle tissue will relax and loosen before massage treatment begins. This is an invaluable way to reduce physical wear and tear on the therapist while providing valuable benefits to the client. With this item, you’re getting the best infrared sauna blanket on the market... at a price point that pays for itself almost immediately.

Infrared Therapy Blanket Features:

  • Infrared blanket wrap with automatic timer
  • High quality, comfortable infrared ‘sleeping bag’ shape
  • Made from durable nylon, polyurethane cloth, and space carbon fiber
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Detoxifies and improves circulation


  • 36” by 78” closed / 75” by 78” open
  • 16 lbs total weight
  • Operates between 86F and 140F
  • 100~120V / 60Hz, 200 watts
  • Timer adjustable from 5 to 95 minutes

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