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Basalt Hot Stone Massage Kit - 60 Pieces

  • $159.99

Formed from the remnants of volcanic eruptions, basalt is the ideal stone type for a top quality hot stone massage thanks to their heat retention. This hot stone massage kit comes with a wide variety of basalt massage stones in various shapes and sizes to allow for an authentic, customizable experience that your clients will remember for a long time! Hot stone therapy kits are ideal for improving circulation, providing relaxation, and offering relief from minor aches and pains. Your clients will love the circulatory and lymphatic benefits, as well as the lasting sense of well-being that comes with an indulgent hot stone massage.


  • Three (3) extra-large flat, oval stones for sacral, neck contour, and stomach
  • Six (6) large flat, oval stones for back and shoulders
  • Ten (10) medium flat, oval stones for arms, legs, and palms
  • Six (6) small flat, oval stones
  • Eight (8) small round stones for back layout
  • Eight (8) toe stones
  • Six (6) small round stones for facial treatment
  • Two (2) miniature stones for pressure point work
  • Seven (7) chakra stones
  • Hot rock massage kit comes with attractive wooden case


  • Total weight: 27 lbs
  • SKU46409

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