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10 Piece Hot Towel Cabinet w/ Sterilizer

  • $229.99



A hot towel cabinet warmer allows you to provide your clients with cozy, warm towels for a more soothing spa experience. This compact hot towel cabinet holds up to 10 towels in a small, convenient space. The cabinet will fit neatly on a table or large shelf, allowing you to keep fresh towels close at hand during your work. Towels are sterilized using UV light to maintain a clean environment and inhibit the spread of microorganisms, so your spa stays up to standards. 

It’s a simple equation: buy a hot towel cabinet, keep your guests happy and healthy.


  • Size: 13"L x 11"D x 11"H
  • Inside Dimensions: 9.25" W x 7.25" Depth x 7" H 
  • Warming Temperature: 148 to 168 F
  • Weight: 20.00 lbs
  • SKU46184
  • 1 Year Warranty

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