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15 in 1 Multifunction Facial Machine with Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

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This high frequency multifunction facial machine combines 15 different features in to one machine, including the revolutionary diamond microdermabrasion facial equipment. The 15 key functions are:

Key Features:

  1. Vacuum: Much like a household vacuum, this feature cleans pores by sucking out the impurities. At the same time, the client will experience a deep facial massage. This allows for increased blood circulation and reduces wrinkles.
  2. Spray: Used after the vacuum treatment, the spray gives a refreshing mist to cool and calm the skin. This helps to close the pores after treatment for fast absorption of products into the skin, allowing for deep moisturization.
  3. High frequency: The high frequency feature generates electrical currents, which creates heat and tones the skin. It benefits most skin types and is used to prevent skin conditions such as acne. It is also good for reducing wrinkles and enlarged pores and can reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.
  4. Facial Brush: A rotating brush system with multiple attachments for different uses. It is lightweight and quiet. The brushes will exfoliate the skin and remove dirt. It has a shaft hookup, allowing for easy access to the brush system.
  5. Magnifying Lamp: The optical lens magnifies, allowing for an up-close view of the skin. This aids in facial analysis and helps to see imperfections clearer.
  6. Facial Ozone Steamer: Ozone steam allows the pores to open, allowing the dirt to loosen. This aids in blood circulation and moistens the skin. This feature includes a timer and an alarm.
  7. Galvanic: With the electrical current it provides, the galvanic roller helps products penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. This uses the unique technology of positive and negative ions to penetrate products. Like a magnet, the opposing ions push and pull the products deeper into the skin. The sonic vibrations reduce lines and leave the skin firm. This feature comes with intensity control.
  8. Hot Towel Cabinet: Perfect for warming towels during treatment.
  9. UV Sterilizer: Sterilize any accessories used during treatment with ultraviolet rays. This will kill any bacteria and viruses.
  10. Towel and Tool Basins: Keep all of your towels, tools and accessories within arms reach with these basins.
  11. Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic facials cleanse, repair, and stimulate the skin using acoustic vibrations. The ultrasonic waves promote membrane permeability, allowing for collagen regeneration. This also reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The ultrasonic waves generate frictional heat which accelerates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.
  12. Hot/Cold Hammer: The cold hammer feature is used after dermabrasion and is specially designed to cool and calm the skin. This will help to reduce any redness, calm inflammation, and shrink pores. The heated hammer is used to open pores before cleaning and accelerates the absorption of nutrients. It also increases blood circulation, smooths wrinkles, and enhances metabolism.
  13. Wood's Lamp: The Wood's lamp emits ultraviolet lights to view certain skin conditions that are not normally visible to the naked eye. The lamp helps to identify pigmentation on the skin, as some skin conditions only show up under UV lights. Wood's lamp examination aids in proper diagnosis, based on the color of fluorescence of the skin.
  14. Aromatherapy: Use with essential oils to relax clients during treatment.
  15. Diamond Microdermabrasion: The professional diamond tip microdermabrasion machine is a non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure. The crystal-free system uses sterilized diamond tips to peel off dead skin on the top layer of skin. This is followed by using vacuum suctioning to remove particles, dead skin, and dirt. Using this procedure removes unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles, scars, acne and blemishes, and other imperfections. Diamond microdermabrasion, accompanied with penetrating skin products, will promote healthy skin by restoring cell activity and the skin's natural nutrients.


  • SKU46148
  • Weight 85.00 lbs
  • Dimensions: 39.4"H x 29.5"W x 22.4"D
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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