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Digital Facial Spa Ozone Steamer w/ Timer

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Digital Facial Spa Ozone Steamer with Timer and Adjustable Energy Level

If you’re looking for a professional, spa-quality facial ozone steamer, look no further. This simple yet elegant skin care steamer has all the features you need, including a digital timer, intensity adjustment, easy water access, and more. Other facial steamers for spa use have a noisy manual timer that can distract clients and keep them from fully relaxing -- but this steamer has a silent digital timer for maximum immersion. Heal your clients’ skin while investing in your spa or salon business by purchasing one of these excellent units today!

Product Features:

  • Digital timer lasts up to 60 minutes
  • Adjustable steamer head
  • Digital facial ozone steamer has 4 rolling, non-stick casters
  • Silent timer won’t disturb clients
  • Water beaker is tough, sturdy, and easily accessible
  • Adjust energy intensity level depending on client preference

Product Details:

  • Product weight: 18 lbs
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • SKU46155

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