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Galvanic Skin Care Machine

Galvanic Skin Care Machine

  • $199.99

Galvanic facial machines are designed to use an electrical current that penetrates through the upper layers of the skin, providing an invigorating and cleansing result. Galvanic facial treatment not only scrubs away dead and dull skin, it also can work high-quality lotions and solutions deep into the epidermis, providing results that go far beyond what the client could ever achieve at home. Because of the profound results a professional galvanic skin care machine can achieve, this is one of the most requested treatments in any modern spa or salon. Invest in a galvanic spa machine that will last for years by shopping smart at Top Spa Supply!


    • "Roller" electrode
    • "Opposing pole" electrode
    • Galvanic electrode with interchangeable and customizable tips
    • Ball-shaped and Flat-shaped electrode tips


      • SKU46420
      • Weight 5 lbs

      Warranty Information:

      • 1 year warranty
      • 30 day money-back guarantee

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