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Round Rolling Stool With Backrest

Round Rolling Stool With Ergonomic Backrest

  • $240.99

Whether you’re an esthetician or salon owner, there’s no getting around it: when a practitioner sits in a cheap, uncomfortable seat, they can’t do their best work. That’s why you need this ergonomic, adjustable rolling spa stool as your facility’s standard seating choice. A salon stool with backrest is instantly more comfortable and protective to the spine than one without -- and the circular footrest included with this item makes sitting feel even more natural and ergonomic. Not all round rolling stools are created equal, so make sure you supply your salon or spa with a comfortable and dependable one that inspires great treatments!


  • Available in Black, Sand, White, Navy, and Chocolate colors
  • Ergonomic round stool with included circular foot rest


  • 1-year warranty
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Partial assembly required
  • Stool height is adjustable between 20.5” and 28”
  • SKU: EI-312

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