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8 in 1 Multifunction Skin Care Machine

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8 in 1 Esthetician Skin Care Machine - Indulge in an elite spa experience with the high frequency facial spa machine. The machine delivers eight (8) flawless skin perfecting benefits that will leave a glowing and healthy complexion. This 8 function skin care machine provides the facial skin with technology such as ultra violet light, anion & cation current, ozone sterilization, and ultrasonic vibrations. Adjustable arm control allows for an equal distribution of surface control to the face. Easy to maneuver wheeled bottom, for secure transfer to various locations.

Key Features and Benefits:
  1. Facial Ozone Steamer - Relaxing steam cleanser that gently opens the pores, allowing for better blood circulation to create a glowing complexion. The unit is equipped with a timer and alarm to promote a calming spa experience. Adjustable arm allows for an all over coverage. Obtain a brighter complexion and deeper clean.
  2. Magnifying Lamp – Cool and delicate optical lens provides enhanced clarity for spotting hard to notice blemishes and imperfections. 
  3. Woods Lamp - Ultra Violet light uncovers skin conditions which are invisible to the naked eye. 
  4. Facial Brush - Spinning brush heads provide a massaging motion to the skin, which aids dirt in rising to the surface for a more in-depth clean.
  5. Vacuum/Spray - The two-part step which suctions impurities from the pores, subsequently cools and soothes the skin to then close the pores.
  6. Towels and Tools Basin – Additional and convenient storage for towels and tools. 
  7. Galvanic - Sonic vibrations aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles to create a younger and firmer appearance of the skin. Anion and Cation currents provide nutrition to the cells to balance the acid and alkaline levels of the skin. 
  8. High Frequency - For a more in-depth absorption of products into the skin, increases blood circulation and wakes up glandular activity. Assists in the removal of acne, treats bacteria and possible skin infections.


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    • Equipment Customization Available

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