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Single Electric Wax Melt Warmer

  • $79.99

This electric wax melt warmer will take a single pot of wax and warm it to the correct temperature, every time. Freshly melted and warmed wax is a staple of any salon offering hair removal services -- and as any good esthetician knows, you need your wax to be at just the right heat. Too cool, and the wax will be chunky; too hot, and the resulting mess will scald your client and get everywhere. This industrial-grade electric wax melt burner gives you a consistently correct, fresh pot of warm wax every single time.


  • Rubber feet prevent slipping
  • Fits one 14oz electric wax pot
  • Adjustable temperature from 10 - 80 degrees celsius


  • Weight: Unit is 5lbs
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 150 watts
  • Dimensions: 9.3”L x 8.7”W x 7.5”H
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • SKU4622

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