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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Electric Massage Table

Posted by Emin Andreasian on

Amp up your clients' experience with one of our best rated electric massage tables.

Are you an esthetician or a spa owner? Pamper your guests with the ultimate luxury experience - an electric spa table for massages and spa treatments. Learn why your business needs an electric spa table.

  1. Your Clients’ Comfort

Your clients’ spa experience starts the moment they walk in the door. Having an electric spa table allows your clients to feel the ultimate form luxury when they receive their treatments. An electric massage table allows your clients to feel you customizing the treatment to best fit their bodies while they are able to lay back and relax.

  1. Your Clients’ Health

Adjustable spa tables have been proven to improve the circulation and joint health of the person being treated. Going beyond comfort, electric spa tables actually provide your clients with the safest, most beneficial treatment you can provide. Standard adjustable tables have specific settings that you are unable to deviate from, but an electric table allows you to customize the height and angles to the perfect placement for your client.

  1. Your comfort

While your clients’ comfort comes first and foremost, another amazing bonus of an electric spa table is that it makes your job more comfortable. This allows you to deliver higher quality treatments and massages while keeping your back and body comfortable and pain-free. Lower or heighten the table to your preferred height and improve your daily work experience.

  1. Improved Technique

We’ve stressed the benefits of your comfort and the comfort of your clients, but it is important to note how a perfectly customizable table can improve your massage technique. You can adjust the height and angles to allow you to deliver the best possible massage. Massage techniques, like Thai massages, are drastically improved by the massage therapist’s ability to leverage their strength for the optimal massage.

  1. Cost

When considering which type of massage table to purchase (hydraulic vs. electric massage table, standard massage tables, multi-use chair to table) it can be tempting to search for the lowest cost option or a second hand electric massage table. It may be surprising to know that our best rated electric massage tables can actually be most cost effective in the long run. Purchasing a new table ensures no previous wear or tear on your motor or cushions. A controlled motor also allows the table to move up and down with minimal strain, rather than a manual table that is prone to user error and damage. If budgetary constraints don’t allow for you to purchase an electric table at the moment, a high quality standard table is a classic industry staple as well.

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