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How to Attract Clients to Your Spa

Posted by Emin Andreasian on

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As the health, wellness, and beauty industry continues to grow, attracting new clients to your salon or spa can seem intimidating. You’ve probably noticed your competition increase and your neighborhood fill with new health, wellness, and beauty businesses. We know your business is top notch - now it’s time for you to let people know! Check out these tips on how to increase your client base and attract clients to your spa.

Create a User Friendly Website

We know you’ve heard this a thousand times, and there’s a reason for that. Creating a website that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing is crucial to attracting and retaining clients. Think about your own experience exploring businesses online: you want to be able to easily access information about the business and you want the website to look professional, and maybe even trendy. Consider the vibe you want your business to portray - is it cute, trendy, professional, classic? Try to pick one word that you want your business to embody. Ask a web developer to create your website keeping that word in mind. Remember, ultimately you want to ensure your website gives clients access to the information they are seeking. List your services, your prices, and your contact information in an easy-to-read format.

Set Up an Email List

This is a trick a lot of bloggers and businesses use. Setting up an email list allows you to stay in contact with your clients and prospective clients. Send out a monthly or bi-weekly email to update your clients on new services, new prices, and new offers. Allow people that visit your website to sign up for your email list for a discount on one of your services. Give seasonal discounts to clients on your email list to keep them coming back into the spa or salon.

Offer an Introductory Offer

On your website and your social media, offer an introductory offer to new clients. This gives prospective clients an incentive to come into your business. Attracting new clients to your spa or salon should start with you showing clients how much you care! Offering a discount shows that you care about your clients and that you are confident in your services. Once you attract clients with your introductory offer, consider establishing a loyalty program that allows clients to receive rewards after a certain amount of services. This keeps clients returning with a future incentive.

Stay Active on Social Media

Engage potential clients! Make sure your business is active on several social media platforms, including Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Know your target market and learn which platforms your target audience most frequently uses. For example, if you are interested in expanding your business with young adults, consider having an active Instagram account where you display your services and your current clients. Show before and afters, show your workspace, and show your technicians or stylists! This makes you appear more friendly and approachable, while showing potential clients what they can expect when they walk through your door.

Good, Old-Fashioned Networking

Networking is the crux of creating a client base. Your business should consider attending conferences and events in your area that allow you to showcase what services you offer. The business owner and employees should carry business cards with them at all times so they are able to share information about your business and give contact information to people that are interested. Never underestimate the power of talking face-to-face! Being warm, friendly, and informative might be all it takes to get a new client.

We hope these tips have your business thriving in 2019! You know your business is great - it’s time to let your community know, too!

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