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5 Ways to Improve Client Experience at Your Spa or Salon

Posted by Emin Andreasian on

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As an owner of a spa or salon, one of your primary concerns should be how you can constantly improve your clients’ experiences. A great client experience is more than just treating your clients to a wonderful time - it can provide you with word-of-mouth marketing, increased client retention, and increased client attraction. In the beauty and wellness industry, learning how to improve customer experience allows you to better deliver your service and bring wellness to your community. So how do you give customers a good experience? Check out these 5 tips on how to improve customer experience.

Set a Great First Impression

When your clients walk through your door, what do they see? Good customer experience starts with first impressions. Maintaining a clean, well-kept entry way is the first place to start. Always have someone ready to greet guests at the front desk. It makes guests feel welcome and allows them to ask questions before their service. Likewise, always ensure your phone lines are up and running during business hours. Having someone able to answer phone calls will gain new clients who have questions or are curious about your business. Make yourself welcoming and available!

Be Accessible

Just as important as establishing great first impressions, you should be accessible when your clients want to get in touch with you! Phone lines should be open with someone ready to answer them during your business hours. Having a easy-to-use website is also crucial. Clients should be able to find your contact information and details about your business 24/7, so you never miss the opportunity for a new client. As business is modernizing, you might also consider having a messaging system through your website. Allowing clients to reach out to you, even after business hours, makes them feel like you are willing to interact with them and shows that you want their business.

Develop a Rewards System

The how-to’s of improving client experience often focus on gaining new customers, but don’t forget that your current loyal customers are some of the most valuable clients you have! Consider developing a rewards system for your returning clients. You can use a punch card, a points system, or whatever works conveniently for you and your clients. This gives clients an incentive to return, while also demonstrating that you care about their business and are excited to have them in your spa or salon.

Use Top-Quality Products

Your clients should be able to see quality when they walk in the door. They are investing in your service and they want to know you are investing in your clients. Your spa equipment should show your clients that you care about their experiences and believe in quality. Not only should you invest in quality spa and salon equipment, you and your employees should be knowledgeable about the products and equipment you use. This conveys to clients that you care deeply about every detail of their experience and are committed to quality.

Check on Your Guests’ Experiences at Check-Out

Always ask your guests how their spa or salon experience was when they check out! This allows clients to give the business-owners crucial feedback about what is going right and wrong in their business. Allowing clients an opportunity to express how they felt about their experience makes them feel heard and gives you room to improve and tailor your business model to best fit your clients. Remember, first impressions matter, but the check-out can make all the difference! You may also consider giving your clients a feedback card to fill out when they complete their service or consider emailing clients a survey after their service. Some clients may not feel comfortable giving negative feedback in person, but will share if they are able to write their thoughts down.

Your clients depend on you to provide them quality experiences from the minute they walk in the door. Don’t be afraid to change and constantly improve your business - improving client experience is a tried and true way to gain and keep business!

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