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Things Your Spa Needs in 2019

Posted by Emin Andreasian on

spa towels with candles and hot stones

The beauty and wellness industry is booming and is expected to continue to grow in 2019! Your spa business is likely facing more competition than ever. It’s crucial for your business to have high quality and up-to-date products and technology so it can stay competitive. As products and consumer expectations change, it can be hard to keep up with what your spa needs. Make the easy transition by upgrading your existing services or adding new services and finishing touches to your spa selection. Follow this guide to learn about things your spa needs in 2019!

Multi-Use Facial Equipment

In 2019, your clients expect the very best from you and your equipment. They also expect you to be able to provide a range of skincare and facial services so that your business is a one-stop-shop for their beauty and wellness needs. Having a multi-use facial system allows you to provide a variety of facial and skincare services to your clients all in one handy system. More cost effective for you, and more options for your clients. Check out this system, which has four separate attachments: a vacuum, a high frequency attachment, a sprayer, and a rotary facial brush. When making your spa materials checklist for 2019, you don’t need to search for multiple systems. Use a multi-use facial system to get all your skincare essentials in one set.

Electric Massage Table

The days of struggling to manually adjust tables are gone! Whether you’re creating a checklist for opening a spa, or just ready to update your business for 2019, electric service tables are a must. They provide added comfort to your guests by allowing the height and angles of the table to be perfectly customized to their bodies. Electric massage tables also give the massage therapist or service technician the ultimate control for reaching parts of their clients’ bodies and positioning the clients as needed. Best of all, your technicians and therapists are able to raise and lower the table to the height they need to perform their services most comfortably!

Massage Stones

As the beauty and wellness community continues to grow, more and more people are considering massages essential to maintaining their health - not just a luxury! Take your massages up a level. An increasing number of spas are offering hot stone massages in addition to their standard massage offerings. Don’t get left behind - if you already offer massage treatments, adding a hot stone kit could make all the difference in attracting new clients and retaining those that visit your business for a massage. They increase blood flow and help to loosen and soothe muscles. Again, adding more options to the services you already provide ensures that your clients don’t have to visit other spas or salons to get the services you could be providing!

Little Extra Details

As more spas and salons pop up, your clients have the ability to compare your business to others in the area. The little details, like candles, cleanliness, and personal touches will make your business stand out from the rest. Consider a bolster under your clients’ knees during facial services to improve blood flow and comfort. Consider upgrading your old towels to a new ultra-plush set to make services as luxurious as possible. Light candles, use scent diffusers, and create soft lighting to show that you are committed to every accept of your clients’ experiences. Offer clients a glass of champagne or cup of tea as they enter the spa. Setting your spa apart from other businesses in the area requires your passion and attention to detail. Let your clients know you care!

Making just a few upgrades or new touches to your business can really show clients how dedicated you are to their wellness. Try to stand out in 2019 and watch your business flourish!

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