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How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Work?

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How It Works: Oxygen Concentrator Machine

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The days of heavy, highly pressurized and potentially dangerous oxygen tanks are virtually over. In their place, oxygen concentrators have risen as the preferred option in nearly every therapeutic and medical application, both at home and on the go. Today, we’re taking a look at how these incredible machines work and some of the benefits they can provide.


What Is An Oxygen Concentrator Machine?

Even a few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable that oxygen concentrators would not only exist, but be within the financial reach of just about anyone willing to make a modest investment. Oxygen therapy equipment no longer requires cumbersome metal tanks under tremendous amounts of pressure, limiting the user to one physical location. Today, modern oxygen generators range from home units that can be wheeled around to truly portable options.

So, what is an oxygen concentrator machine? Simply put, these devices filter the air in our environment to deliver a pure stream of oxygen to the user. In case you’ve forgotten since science class, the air we breathe in our environment is not simply oxygen (the gas that we need to survive). In fact, only 21% of the air floating past your face as you read this is comprised of oxygen. The vast majority of the rest of it is nitrogen, which despite being colorless and odorless, is an asphyxiant, which means life cannot survive from breathing it alone.

Oxygen concentrators act as a filter, drawing in atmospheric air and absorbing all the nitrogen. By separating out the oxygen from the nitrogen, the device can supply a steady stream of almost completely pure oxygen, while harmlessly releasing the nitrogen byproduct back into the atmosphere. Previously, in order to obtain pure oxygen, it would need to be harnessed and bottled in huge metal tanks by professionals, making it incredibly inconvenient to have access to a steady supply of the gas.

Today, oxygen generators are used in several treatments ranging from medically necessary to simply enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Most spas and salons will opt to purchase a machine that generates what’s called “medical grade” oxygen with a purity in the 90%+ range, so that they have flexibility in the types of clients they can treat.

Types Of Oxygen Concentrators

From portable oxygen concentrators that are lightweight, to at-home oxygen generators with extended range, and more -- there’s a lot of options on the market when it comes to these amazing devices. If you’re in the market for oxygen therapy equipment (whether for a salon/spa or medical application), you should understand the main types of machines available to help you make the best decision.

  • Stationary Home Oxygen Concentrators: These devices are the heaviest of the three types, designed to remain more or less in one place, while the user stays relatively close to the machine to use it. As technology continues to improve, the design is trending away from purely stationary machines to allow for greater flexibility of use.
  • Movable Home Oxygen Concentrators: These devices, also used widely by spas and salons, are usually about 30 - 50 pounds, and sit atop rolling caster wheels. Depending on the model, they may have extended power cords or “nose hoses” to allow the user to be somewhat far from the device while still using it. And best of all, they’re quite easy to simply unplug and move from one area to another.
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators: For people who medically require an oxygen generator, portable devices have been a total game-changer. They allow the user access to medical grade oxygen even on the go, which can be huge for quality-of-life reasons.


Why Buy The InvaCare Oxygen Concentrator?

When considering all the different needs and functions that each type of oxygen concentrator can provide, at Top Spa Supply we’ve found that there is one device that seems to be the “sweet spot” for just about everyone: the InvaCare Spa Medical Oxygen Machine. This machine creates medical-grade oxygen, but was designed to also accommodate spas and salons that want to offer oxygen-based therapies to clients.

For example, the InvaCare Oxygen Concentrator comes with a hand nebulizer, which is essentially an airbrush that shoots a stream of 90% pure oxygen. This, as any experienced esthetician can tell you, is hugely useful for facial treatments to quickly heal and regenerate skin after microdermabrasion or laser treatment.

We hope that getting some information about oxygen generators helps you breathe easier -- and as always, if you have any questions about oxygen concentrators or any other piece of equipment, the award-winning customer service team at Top Spa Supply is happy to take your call today!

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