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The Beauty of Facial Steamer Benefits

Posted by Emin Andreasian on

The formula for a solid foundation of healthy skin is pretty straightforward: eating healthily, getting your beauty sleep and drinking plenty of water. Maintaining your healthy skin, however, requires a routine of good skin habits like washing your face daily, applying the right moisturizer for your skin and applying an effective sunscreen. But to advance even farther and get a glowing, smooth facial complexion that will maximize your appearance, there is another routine that you should wholeheartedly embrace: the routine of steaming your face.

Facial Steamer Benefits

Let’s begin by looking at what a facial steamer is, exactly, and how it works. A facial steamer emits a constant flow of steam to your face within a pre-designated time period. The goal is to open and cleanse your skin in places where soap and water cannot reach. So, what are the benefits of facial steamers that people seem to be raving about? Your dermatologist or esthetician can provide the full list of benefits down to the most minute scientific detail. However, here are some of the basic positives you can expect:

  • It unclogs your pores: Steaming your face can be wonderfully relaxing and refreshing. When you steam your face, your skin goes through a deep cleansing. Your pores open up and any dirt or toxins that have been embedded into your pores rise to the surface, and can now be scrubbed away.
  • It removes blackheads and whiteheads: Blackheads and whiteheads are unsightly. They are caused when your natural skin oil, sebum, gets stuck on a follicle and blocks your pore. It is painstaking to remove blackheads and whiteheads with your hand; with a facial steamer, the task becomes much simpler.
  • It's a natural way to remove dead skin cells: The steaming action on your face heats up your skin and loosens the dead skin cells. After steaming, it's much easier to wash away your dead skin with a face cleanser. This results in a fresher, healthier appearance.
  • It boosts circulation: When you want your skin to have a rosy, natural glow, steam it before you go out. The process of steaming boosts circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygen to your face. This glow is associated with youth and vitality.
  • It clears your nose: Besides the benefits to your skin, the benefits of facial steams extend to your sinuses. If you have trouble with congestion or sinus pressure, steaming your face will do wonders to clear those problems up.

How often do you need to steam your face to reap the benefits?

Before starting a recurring routine of steaming your face, it’s smart to see how your skin reacts. Do it once at a spa and see if there are any negative side effects. The reason for this is that everyone’s skin is a little bit different, and some people’s skin is notoriously sensitive. If there are no problems after your first steaming, consider setting a routine.

To get the most out of steaming your face, you should space it out. Do it weekly for best results. If you search "steaming face daily" online, you'll see quite a few comments on facial steaming benefits, along with the do's and don'ts. One of those “don'ts” is to avoid steaming your face too much. You run the risk of over drying your skin if you steam it daily. As with all good things, moderation is key.

Another disadvantage of steaming your face too much is that the steam can start to break down the collagen in your face. As collagen keeps your face supple and young, slowly breaking it down can lead to premature aging.


Where should you get your face steamed?

When you decide to start steaming your face, you should get it done professionally before you attempt it at home. Facial steamer benefits are plentiful if the process is done right. If done wrong, however, you can actually damage your skin.

Estheticians can show you how to do right, and they can offer great tips on how to effectively do it at home if you’re feeling adventurous. Their advice on what to do and what not to do is important, too. They can show you the distance you should keep from your facial steamer as well as how long each session should be.

When an esthetician gives you a facial, take mental notes on each step. Each step is important to your skin care routine. Your esthetician can also guide you through the steps of cleansing, steaming, exfoliating and extraction. You can also ask which exfoliation products can be gently applied to your skin while you are steaming your face. Estheticians are often happy to share their knowledge.


The benefits of professional facial steamers

There is another reason you should see an esthetician when starting out. Spas and dermatologists often provide deep-cleaning facials with professional facial steamers. The benefits of professional facial steamers are that the equipment offers various levels of cleansing that your off-the-shelf face steamer won't have. Some features include facial steamers with a brush, two-in-one aromatherapy facial cleaners and the type of facial steamer that offers an Ozone treatment.

For a detailed understanding on how to use professional facial steamers, read our blog post A Guide to Professional Facial Steamers.


Is facial steaming for everyone?

What are seen as facial steamer benefits to some, might be considered negative side effects to others. If you have sensitive skin, see your dermatologist before steaming your face. The steam can aggravate some types of skin, causing dermatitis or even acne. As with any new skin care procedure, test your skin out first and see how it reacts. If you have puffy skin or a breakout as a result, then stop.

The beauty of facial steaming is that it’s another tool that you have in conjunction with your esthetician’s advice to reach your skin’s full potential. If you’re looking for a relatively gentle, easily accessible way to boost your facial skin’s appearance, consider booking an appointment for a facial steaming at your local spa or salon!

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