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A Guide To Professional Facial Steamers

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Guide To Professional Facial Steamers
For patrons of spas and salons who want to put their best face forward, facials are an indispensable way to keep their skin clear and healthy... especially if the skin on the face has suffered from damage from the sun, acne, and other issues. Facial steamer technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing for more incredible (and quicker) results than ever before.
Esthetician professionals looking to get a facial steamer for their practice should understand the ins and outs of these new facial devices in order to arrive at the best option for their personal needs. Let’s take a closer look at how facial steamers work, and what you should know before purchasing one.

What Is A Facial Steamer?

A facial steamer is a modern way to offer clients revitalizing facial treatments that steams the skin and helps cleanse the tissue far deeper than traditional facials would. Through these steamers, you can implement a skincare regimen and healthy base that results in lasting improved appearance and dermal health. This means with repeated facial treatments, you’ll look and feel a million times better, especially if you had skin issues around your face before. Of course, a healthy diet is also important for the skin, but skin care treatment can help boost the look your clients want.

Through the use of warm steam, the skin starts to sweat, helps open up the pores, allowing the dead skin cells to soften and release the debris and dirt that is underneath the skin. This also helps your skin become more receptive to your skincare treatments and products for acne and other blemish-causing conditions. There are several ways to get a steamed facial, but professionals will want the best of the best to get the best possible result so that the client keeps coming back.

How To Use A Facial Steamer

Prepare The Face / Skin: Before you begin your facial steamer, you need to first prepare the face. The face should be washed and free of makeup, though it doesn’t have to be washed with a tough cleanser. The pores are going to be opened anyways, so as long as the makeup and major dirt should be removed before you begin.

Prepare The Steamer: You need to also prepare the steamer before beginning the facial. Each model steamer is going to work differently than another, but they all use a basic setup. The first thing you need to prepare is the water. When you go to fill up the water reservoir tank, you should be careful not to overfill the tank.

Use Distilled Water: You need to also be sure you are using distilled water in the tank since regular water contains chemicals that can clog up the steamer. Once you have the steamer prepared, you can begin the process.

Keep A Good Distance Between Skin and Steamer: The process for a facial steamer is going to take quite a while. You need to be sure that the steamer is set where the user can sit a comfortable distance from it to avoid steam burns to the face, which are absolutely possible if the esthetician doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Turn On Steamer For 10 Minutes Before Using:The steamer takes only about 10 minutes total, which is a shorter time than many facial applications. Be sure that the client closes their eyes as they use the steamer to avoid irritating the eyes. They should slowly rotate their face both clockwise and counterclockwise to cover the entire face.

Use Moisturizer After Treatment: After the process of steaming has ended, the face should be treated with a toner, serum, and a moisturizer. Since the steamer opens up the pores, it makes other skin care treatments more effective, and the open pores allow the products to absorb into the skin better.

Clean Facial Steamer After Every Use: Finally, you will need to unplug the steamer and then empty out any excess water from the tank to ensure that nothing is left in the machine to mold or mildew between uses. Cleanliness is critical for estheticians in general, and especially so with a sensitive piece of equipment like a facial steamer.


Safety Tips To Remember

There are relatively few safety concerns to be aware of when using a facial steamer. One, you need to ensure that you are using distilled water. As mentioned above, regular water contains chemicals and other elements that can clog up a steamer, making it unusable over time.

You need to also be aware of the steam temperature and the location of the face. Since steam burns are the largest safety concern, users need to know to avoid getting too close when applying the steam directly to the face. This is the number one safety consideration for estheticians giving a facial.

One other safety concern to be aware of is the frequency of facial steamer treatments. The best timeline for use will be discussed later, but it should be noted that steaming the face every day can be too harsh on the skin, and may actually result in the opposite effect you’re trying to achieve.

How Often To Use It

When you are doing facial steamers either at home or for others in the clinic, using the steamer too often can cause a myriad of problems for the skin. Our skin naturally has collagen in it to keep the skin tight and firm. However, heat breaks down the collagen in the skin, which can cause the skin to become droopy. If you’ve ever seen skin that has had too much sun, then you know what can happen when the collagen breaks down.

Too much steam can do the same thing. With this idea in mind, those with poor skin should avoid using a facial steamer too often. Even the lifestyle of the client can determine how often they need to steam their face.

Those that drink plenty of water and take good care of their skin can steam more often. However, those that smoke, are dehydrated, spend too much time in the sun, or intake too much sugar should only have periodic facial steamer treatments to “reset” their base layer and promote use of gentler products and treatments.

The Different Types Facial Steamers

There are several different types of facial steamers that you can use. In-home steamers are an option, but clients should understand why they’re far less desirable than an in-house treatment. In fact, most people should prefer using a professional, since they are highly trained and can consider the client’s lifestyle and unique appearance before beginning treatment.

Professional facial steamers are machines that are made for these kinds of in-house facials. They automatically produce the right amount of steam needed, and they are made with a seat attached so the client can sit at the right distance to avoid burns.

Some of the facial steamers we have to offer are :

There are also facial steamers with magnifying lamps that allow the professional to look at the skin as it is being steamed. This helps this determine whether the steamer is doing an adequate job on the skin or not.

Finally, there are portable and handheld options that make it easy to take facial steamers anywhere. Professionals might use these if they do home visits for the elderly or clients who prefer at-home treatment.

Benefits Of A Facial Steamer

There are many benefits to using a facial steamer on a regular basis. In fact, many of these benefits are why people choose to use the facial steamer in the first place.

One, the facial steamer cleans out the pores by opening them up through the use of heat. This allows you to better clean your face and thus, your pores.

Facial steaming can also help make your skin more receptive to treatments, especially if you have acne or other conditions.

Finally, steaming can help improve your circulation in the face, remove toxins from the facial skin, and provide a relaxing environment to the client. And that’s something that every esthetician should be excited to offer!

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