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How To Choose The Best Massage Table

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With so many different styles on the market today, choosing the best massage table can feel like an overwhelming, daunting task. Particularly when you consider the amount of mileage these tables get, a massage therapist’s table is their most important tool and needs to fit all of their needs. This guide has been designed to help you choose the right table for you, your particular practice, and your clients.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Massage Table

  • Width of the massage bed
  • Table length and height
  • Adjustable features
  • Table weight
  • Weight capacity
  • Foam thickness
  • Upholstery styles
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Material composition

This guide will cover each of these considerations in-depth, with some explanations as to why each variable is important.

Considering Table Width

When choosing a massage table, the width is quite important. First and foremost, you will want to choose a table that will be suitable to host a wide range of different body types. It’s imperative to your business’s success that your clients are comfortable no matter what their size or shape, and table width plays a key role in this.

As an esthetician, your own height will also play a factor in determining the appropriate width of your table. If you are on the shorter side yourself, opt for a more narrow table around 28 inches. For taller therapists, you should be able to tolerate a wider table, which will also ensure added comfort for your clients; select a table that is between 30 and 32 inches wide. For massage practices where multiple therapists may share a single table, motorized massage chairs such as this one will allow you to quickly and easily adjust the height.

Considering Table Length and Height

Since your clients will vary widely in terms of their own height, considering the length of your table will be of supreme importance when it comes to ensuring their optimal comfort. The majority of tables come at a standard length of 73 inches, which should be suitable for most heights. If you need a longer table, opt for one that has an adjustable face cradle, which can add an extra 7-9 inches. Not many people know this! A great option for superior length customization possibilities is the Pedra 4 Motor Space Electric Treatment Bed & Chair.

Considering Adjustable Features

Many massage tables come with an array of adjustable features that allow you to further tailor the table experience to your needs. One of the key features now included on most tables is the ability to adjust the height. You will find this to be especially important when it comes to being able to provide a diverse range of massage treatments. For example, the Lyon Massage Bed & Facial Treatment Table includes a range of features that would be ideal for therapists who focus regularly on head, neck, and facial massage. This table also features a built in cabinet for your massage supplies and massage equipment.

Being able to adjust the height is also a key necessity if more than one therapist will be using the table. Even if you aren’t sharing your table with other therapists, you may find that being able to adjust the height comes in handy when working with clients who have a range of different body depths.

Generally speaking, making height adjustments on your table will only take a few minutes, especially considering the mechanisms built into modern tables. Adjustment knobs, and push button sliders will enable you to easily rise and lower one table leg a time. Better yet, you simply cannot go wrong with electric massage tables, such as this motorized electric spa treatment table.

Considering Table Weight

The actual weight of your table is going to be a key consideration for you if you are a mobile therapist, because you will want to look at portable massage tables that you can easily carry from job to job, while being able to single-handedly load and unload your table from your vehicle.

Most therapists find that they can comfortably carry a table that weighs between 22 and 46 lbs, such as this lightweight, portable massage table with wooden legs. The size of the table, as well as the materials it is made from, play a key role in the overall weight of the table. Ideally, you will want to choose the lightest table possible, which still includes all of the key features you require.

Considering Weight Capacity

A table’s weight capacity, also known as a ‘working weight,’ is the amount of weight that your massage table can hold -- primarily the weight of your clients, but also taking into consideration the weight that you will add via pressure while working on your client.

Luckily, this isn’t typically a problem for most massage therapists, as the majority of tables can hold up to 600 pounds of weight capacity. However, this is still important to consider depending on the type of massage treatment you intend to deliver, and the type of clients you will be working with. Heavy duty tables such as the Milo Electric Treatment Chair provide both comfort and stability up to 500lbs.

Considering Foam Thickness

You have likely noticed by now that client comfort is the number one thing to keep in mind at all times when it comes to massage table selection. After all, you want your clients to have such a cushy experience that they’re incentivized to return again and again to your facility. No part of a massage table contributes more to its comfort rating than foam thickness.

Your best bet will be to choose a table that comes with a thick, high quality foam that will provide your clients with ample support. Not to mention, the quality and thickness of the foam will be a determining factor when it comes to how long your table will last. A table with good foam can last you years. As a standard rule of thumb, foam should be at least 2 inches thick, and ideally you will want to aim for a foam that is 3 inches thick and semi-firm.

Considering Upholstery Styles, Quality and Materials

Leather is often the premier way to go when it comes to massage tables. Not only is this material durable, it’s also easy to clean. Most tables today include a type of synthetic leather, which is perfectly fine. However, the specific type of synthetic leather used in the table should be something that you consider before buying.

PVC leather is a very common type of synthetic leather, which although durable, doesn’t feel quite as luxe on the skin as the real thing. So, while more resistant to wear, this type of leather won’t provide quite as much comfort for your client. On the other hand, PU leather, another type of synthetic leather, is quite soft and has a more luxurious feel to it, similar to that of real leather. Amazingly, this type of leather is even more durable than PVC leather, and is just as easy to clean.

The type of material your table is made out of is a major factor you should consider when making this investment. The material of the table will play a significant role when it comes to both the weight and longevity of your table, as well as the aesthetic appeal. When choosing a wooden table, aim for one that is made from a high quality wood that is strong and doesn’t feature any common wood flaws such as knots, and cracks. If you prefer an aluminum table, make sure that the aluminum is of a high grade that won’t easily dent or bend.

Considering Price

Lastly, when it comes to price, you will want to select a table that fits both within your budget and suits your skill level. On the low end, tables can cost under $120, and are best suited for people who are only practicing massage on a casual basis. Massage therapists who are looking to get serious about their craft but are still new to the field, such as students, will find that tables in the $150-$200 range will suit their needs well.

However, if you are ready to start your own massage practice, or are a practicing massage therapist looking to upgrade their table, you will want to look at professional massage tables, which cost upwards of $300. Above all else, one thing is certain, you should never forgo the safety and comfort of your clients in order to save a few dollars, as this can end up costing you and your business way more money in the long run.

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